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Jeremy Wray deck

by Jeremy Wray

$55.00 / Sold Out

This time around Jeremy Wray's classic Umbrella Girl graphic graces the bottom of our perfected 8" shape. The 8" size has been a favorite of the Wray Bros for years. It's a good all around shape that works well for just about every kind of skateboarding. It works for us and we are confident that it will work well for you too. For the skateboarder that prefers a wider board we also offer this graphic on an 8.5" size. The 8.5" is always solid and usually is our first size that we sell out of, so get yours while supplies last 🙏🏼 ***Update*** The 8.5" shape is SOLD OUT again! We will order more 8.5" decks on the next round 🤙🏼